Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Mason loves trains. LOVES them. Especially Thomas the Tank Engine and all his Friends. Mason got a new train set this past weekend. He loves it. I mean can a boy have too many trains??


Anonymous said...

Hi! I know I don't exactlty know you, but I was wondering where in Louisiana do you live? I live in Louisiana too, born and raised!


{Kimber} said...

trains are pretty awesome...I still ♥ watching them...fascinating

Jersey Girl in Louisiana said...

I live in Metairie.


Tiaras said...

we are lovers of Thomas in this house too!

thanks for visiting my blog!!

Rachel said...

He looks absolutely thrilled with his new toy!

Our little guy loves Thomas too! But I've drawn the line at buying one more version of the tracks... we already have the bigger plastic ones and the little plastic ones. Cuz you know it's a scam that the engines won't fit on ALL of them, ha.

And Good Lord are there like eleventy hundred more trains than I realized! :)

And if you're watching that little guy 50 hours a week, I think you get to claim him as yours!