Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thursday's Thirteen on Sunday.

Bought to me by Kimber courtesy of Izzy 'N Emmy

1.TATTOOS:: My husband has 7 tattoos. My parents each have tattoos and my younger brother also has them. Me, not so much. Needles terrify me.

2.TRIPS:: Day trips, weekend trips, long trips, SIGN ME UP!

3.TRENTON:: Capital of my home state. Not a very nice city.

4.TANTRUMS:: It should be the terrible 3's. not 2's.

5.TUBING:: I went ONCE. There were mating dragonflies everywhere and stagnant water. And my shoes got wet. Blah.

6.TODDLERS:: Pretty much my life.

7.TROPHY:: I wont a HUGE trophy when I was 11 for the national championship. I got 2nd place in my division. I never went back after that.

8.TIC TACS:; Orange, please. My husband eats one box at a time!

9.TCHOUPITOULAS:: Bet'cha can't say style="font-weight:bold;">that word unless you've been to New Orleans.

10.THUNDER:: My dog is terrified.

11.TRAINS:: Mason's FAVORITE! Especially Thomas and Friends.

12.TRUCKS:: Mason's second favorite.

13.TICKLE:: I HATE to be tickled. If you tickle me, I will punch you.

I know I am WAY late doing these, but better late then never right?? RIGHT???


{Kimber} said...

yes!! better late than never!!
I am missing your comments too!!! :)
where is Mrs. Wellens??? I miss Alyson...isn't she your IRL friend?

Melissa said...

definitely better late than never! toddlers who love trucks, trains and tinkerbell are definitely my life right now, although i do have 3 older kids. they can also act like toddlers sometimes.

and what in the world is that on #9? i need the phonetic spelling Great T's!