Friday, August 21, 2009

The many names of ME

Cause I'm a blog idea stealer. So thanks Kimber.. ♥ you!

My birth certificate might read 'Jessica'(thanks for being so creative mom and dad, kidding!!!) but I am known by many names.

-Jess (what most people call me)
-Jessie (please don't call me this..)
-Jane (what my parents call me)
-Janie(parents use this one too)
-Yani (my dad is crazy)
-Sissy (not anymore, my baby brother is about to be 21!)
-Mom/Mama/Mommy(only took Mason 2+ years to say it, now I hear it so often, I'm thinking of not going by this one anymore. ha!)
-Baby (what my husband calls me)
-Miss Jess (the little boy I watch calls me this)
-Crazy (who me?? nah...)
-Friend (My son's godmother and I call each other this)
-Binkey (My grandma called me this til I was probably 16)
-J (or sometimes JJ)
-Jebaliss/Olive Loaf (haha don't ask)
-Jen (I guess some people think if your name is Jessica, it might as well me Jennifer)
-Aunt Jess (though it was Uncle Jess for a bit when one of my nieces was 3.. haha)

What about you??????????????


{Kimber} said...

since you said "don't ask" I must...explain Olive Branch?!

Melissa said...

OK...Roni and Olive tell!! lol