Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday's Thirteen 'X'

Again, thank you Kimber for finding the blog of Izzy 'N Emmy

haha, "X" this should be, interesting.

1. XYLOPHONE:: not like we have a real one or anything, but one of those plastic kids ones. I'm sure they do/did grace many, many households with small children.

2.XRAY:: I guess technically everyone in our house has had some form of an xray. My husband has had many xrays in his life. The most recent was in 2004 (2005?) when while working he smashed his finger and basically snapped the bone in his finger in half, it was disgusting . I have had my teeth xrayed, never did do anything about those impacted wisdom teeth, I had my ankle xrayed after a car accident while in a friends car, I still don't drive because of it, an one ultrasound when I was pregnant with Mason. Mason has had an MRI, that counts right?? When he was about 4 months old we switched pediatricians, and our new pediatrician though Mason's large head could be more then just a, well large head. She though it could be Hydrocephalus, it wasn't thank God, turns out our boys just has a big head, but I digress.

3.XBOX360:: I have never played in my life. Ever. I plan on keeping it that way. The last video game system I use was the original Sega Genesis.

4.XMAS :: My favorite holiday, though I don't usually shorten it to 'xmas', cause of that whole keeping the Christ in Christmas ♥ .

5.Wait.. I was about to publish this and realized there was no 5, I swore I did one...hmmmm

6.X:: What I always want to be in tic-tac-toe and the best part of xoxo. I know I'm reaching, X's tough!

7.XEROX:: A function I am glad our lexmark printer has, even tough we just call it, copy.

8.XENOPHOBIA:: Xenophobia, according to wikipedia is the fear of strangers/unknown.

9.XAVIER ROBERTS:: Cabbage Patch Kid inventor! I LOVED them!
tiny cabbage patch dolls Pictures, Images and Photos
10.X MARKS THE SPOT:: I'd really love to find some treasure right about now.

11.XANAX:: I need them when I fly. I don't' actually take them, I'm a Dramamine kinda girl.

12.XAPHIAS:: aka Swordfish. I like mine on the grill, and yes I Wikipedia'd that.
swordfish Pictures, Images and Photos

13.XMEN:: No thank you.

WOW that was really hard.

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{Kimber} said...

VERY impressive.....I am dreading when I get to these hard letters :)
I may have to use my brain {or google}
I ♥ cabbage patch kids too!
they were so awesome!!!