Friday, July 17, 2009

Staycation Rewind.

Today is my last official day of staycation. I know I technically have the weekend to go, but its really back to the grind in this house! So here is my staycation rewind.

On Saturday morning my parents plane landed in New Orleans (and 25 mins early at that!)Doug, Mason, and I were anxiously awaiting their arrival! Mason LOVES to watch all the planes coming and going and I love an excuse to drink a yummy Sonic Java Chillerr(to all my Jersey peeps, Sonic is NOT that delish, except for the drinks, you are not missing anything special.) Mason ran full speed down the ramp into the "DO NOT ENTER" area of their gate as soon as he spotted them. Saturday we pretty much just hung out at our house while Mason played in the pool, though we did venture out to Louisiana Purchase Kitchen for some lunch. Of course my parents came bearing gifts too! (Of course something Thomas and Friends for Mason. The pork roll is my husband FAVORITE, if you don't know what pork roll is, well I feel sorry for you, Wawa Coffee and TASTYKAKES!!!)

But even more exciting then my parent being here, my sister in law gave birth to her gorgeous baby girl Kylie Rae, 5 weeks early, on Saturday! I'm an AUNT!

Sunday was suppose to be my sister in laws baby shower, but for obvious reasons, it didn't happen! So Doug and I headed to church and we left Mason with my parents, but not before my mom decided we needed a family photo.

For the rest of my parents visit, we relaxed at home, played in the pool, Mason helped my parents do all sorts of cooking, ate at some restaurants, and enjoyed spending time together. My parents are Mason's constant playmate when they are here!.

On Tuesday night after my parents headed back to New Jersey, we took Mason to his first show! We took him to Thomas and Friends! A Circus Comes to Town. He LOVED it! He sang and danced and constantly talks about what happened at the show. I forgot my camera! So here are a few terrible pictures from my cell phone. Notice the $15 light in his hands, yeah we were suckered into buying Mason one, it didn't help that ever other child in the place suckered their parents into one as well!

The rest of the week, we've been laying low and enjoying playing at our own house all day. It might not be as good as a vacation , but I'll take a staycation any day!


{Kimber} said...

glad you had a good visit with your peeps!! {you look like your mom I think}
don't you love those cheap toys they sell at that crap!!? drives me nuts...cuz you GOT to buy one :)

mummyof5monsters said...

Love those cheapo toys that cost a million bucks and break in 1 day:) NOT!! Looks like a great time, and WHAT is pork roll??

{Kimber} said...

I gave you something on my blog...come see!