Friday, July 10, 2009

Here comes a BUSYand FUN week!

At 5:30pm today my STAYcation, yes you read that correctly. It is my summer vacation, but we are staying home this year. But thats okay because we have a fun week (actually I have 9 glorious days off!)of things planned. Tomorrow morning my parents plan lands from Philadelphia! Its only been about 2 months since we've seen them this time, but I will soak up every second I have of their semi-short visit! Sunday I am throwing my sister in law's baby shower!!!! I am so very nervous! I want it to go perfect for her! I went into labor at my baby shower,so I've been telling her as much as I cannot wait to meet my niece please try and keep her in there until at least Monday. After my parents head back to New Jersey on Tuesday evening, we will immedietly head over to the Mason's first live show! We are seeing a Thomas the Tank Engine Live performance! Mason has been talking about it for WEEKS! I'll admit I'm a little nervous about how it will go... Then on Wednesday Mason and I have a playdate with another local mama. Thursday, Mason will spend the day with his Grams and Pawpaw (My husband's father's family)while I got help my sister in law get her nursey all set up for the baby and do anything else I can to help her prepare!

So it will be a BUSY week, but a fun week filled with the people we love the most. Minus my brother and our friends and family back in NJ and MA

So my bloggin' my be a bit sporatic for the next week, but I'll have plenty of pictures to share and stories to tell!

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{Kimber} said...

sounds super fun...enjoy your peeps!! I know you miss them :)
I ♥ baby showers...all those little baby things so sweet!!
can't wait to see pics!!!!