Thursday, May 14, 2009

Staying 'green' our house by the levy's

I think becoming a mom has made me more conscious of what is happening to this planet we call home, so we, like many others, have been trying to be a little more green. But, let's be realistic, a lot of the products that are more environmentally friendly are expensive and its a recession. So we have 'gone green' the cheap ways.

For instance, tonight while making the marinade for my salmon (lemon juice, vinegar, a little salt and pepper, I was about to whisk in some olive oil and I somehow got distracted and knocker over the whole entire bowl. Instead of saying some choice words that wanted to come out, I grabbed some paper towel and wiped up the counter and stove with my mixture and realized how glad I was I didn't spill it with the olive oil in it, rendering it useless instead of making the best of my mess and calling it 'cleaner'.

We have also switched every light bulb we could to those CFL light bulbs (because my husband use to work for an apartment complex making apartments read for new tenants and had to remove all CFL bulbs and put in regular bulbs back in the lights so if residents came to the office because their light bulb blew they wouldn't expect CFL's. I mean seriously who lives in a rented place and expects your landlord/apartment complex to replace your light bulbs? But anyways, they were suppose to just throw out the perfectly good bulbs and cheap old me heard this from my husband and I said "BRING THEM HOME!!", but I digress..) But we have noticed a drastic change in our electric bill (it was $64.00 this month!!!). Now I know not everyone has access to free light bulbs, but the bulk stores, like Sam's Club, BJ's, Costco, etc.. usually have really great deals on multipacks of bulbs. Watch for sales and coupons at other places too. (You know you all get those 20% of coupons to Bed,Bath, and Beyond, I bet they sell them.)

I have also switched to all the Clorox Green Works Cleaners. I LOVE them!!! They smell so fresh and clean and I feel better about there not being as many chemicals on everything, especially places like the bathtub and kitchen counters.

I know I could do more, and I would like to, but I'm a 'change with baby steps' type-a-gal. I wish we could eat organically, but it is still just too pricey.

So switch your Pine Sol for some Green Works (or Scrubbing Bubbles, etc..) Turn off the lights when you leave a room. Open your windows and turn the AC (or heat for you poor,poor people still in the cold) and teach your children these things early one, so we can leave a better planet for all the little one we love so much.