Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MY blog..

So for going on two years now I have had a blog that has mostly been about our adorable 3 year old son, Mason (www.masonkotzbeck.blogspot.com). But I always have the desire to write about things not necessarily my family wants to read and I don't want to hog my kids blog, so I have decided to start one for me. (I've been reading so many blogs on blogger I got inspired!) So hang in there with me, while I get the blog set up the way I want it.

In case you don't know our story, I'll give you a quick breakdown. I'm a 25 year old, married mom of one. I was born in Massachusetts, grew up in Southern New Jersey, and in July 2007 my husband (who was still my fiance), our son, and myself packed up our little home in NJ and moved 1300 miles south to Louisiana. What a drastic life change! We live in a suburb of New Orleans, my husband works full time in construction and I am a private nanny for another family in our town, which gives me the luxury of still being with Mason full time and being able to help out financially as well. I am a very hands on parent, I rather stay home with my family then do the typical things 25 year old's do. I am working on trying to have a better relationship with God, and more patience with life!

So welcome to my blog.. I hope you keep coming back to see what new things are happening in the life of a Jersey Girl in Louisiana.

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I love Jackson Square.... :)