Friday, September 9, 2011


That is what it feels like I have been on. A hiatus from blogging. Besides a few book reviews, I haven't posted anything substantial in months. I read so many blogs that are witty and inspiring that it can discourage me from blogging because I think I will never be as clever as they are. But I'm back and will do my best to be witty and inspiring as well. I may rant, I may curse, I may cry, but I'll be real.

Here is a quick catch up of what our lives are like today. Mason our 5 year old (5 1/2 if you ask him, that 1/2 is sure important) just started Kindergarten in August and its pretty much kicking both of our asses. Between the awful 6am wake up, to the discipline marks he comes home with in his folder for talking too much (seriously, if they knew me, they would understand more, I never shut up, just ask my poor husband), and the teasing over his absolutely adorable Thomas and Friends raincoat I made him wear during the friggin' tropical storm (I mean seriously, who knew 5 year old could be bullies?!) by Friday at 5pm we are so thankful to have two days of less rushing and less structure.

See, I told you it was adorable.

My sweet husband is working extra hard at a new job. 45-50 hours of hard labor in this New Orleans heat and humidity is no fun, but we love love love him for all he does for us. He is cheering on the Phillies from afar, building complicated train tracks with Mason and taking us on new adventure all the time.

Building at the Louisiana Children's Museum

And I am keeping busy too. Still working full time as a nanny, but probably for only another 3 weeks or so. I am currently the president of our churches Episcopal Church Women's group and I start teaching Sunday School on Sunday from grades 2nd-5th. I am chairing our churches Annual Church Picnic next spring, and helping with our ESL (English as a Second Language) program at church as well. I also hope to get to spend some time volunteering at my son's school, though I will be on the hunt for a new job soon, even though being a stay at home mom is so tempting, it doesn't pay our bills, so off to work I will be going.

Mama and Mason

We are adjusting more and more to living in Louisiana, not that I don't complain when the humidity is 100% and the heat index has been over 110 for 2 week, or when we are standing in line at Walmart that are longer then they are at Christmas (seriously, WHY are there 787361 check out lanes in Walmart and it never fails that only 5 are open and someone is writing out a check in 1/2 of them) waiting to check out with every other person in our town who is stocking up their Hurricane Kit for an approaching Tropical System, but our friends and our church make missing home much more bearable.

Motherhood is still constantly keeping me on my toes and throwing me curve balls and I am always trying to be the best mom, wife and Christian I can be, though I will always be a work in progress. So I hope you will continue to come back and check out my blog, as I intend to be better about posting.

- Jess

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Christy said...

I think his rain coat is AWESOME! Teddy thought it was awesome too when I showed it to him on Saturday. Grrrrrrrrrr.