Sunday, November 7, 2010

Russell the Sheep - Holiday Gift Guide Week 1

I'll be linking up with Mama M. for the next 7 Mondays participating in her 'Holiday Gift Guide'


This week edition is: Off the Beaten Path Children Books.

My pick is a silly read that my 4.5 year old loves.

Russell the Sheep.
by Rob Scotton

A cute sheep has trouble falling asleep. He tries many different ways to help him fall asleep, looking for the perfect place, counting stars,and taking a walk. The pictures are delightful and funny. The story is a good length for preschoolers attention span. Check it out, you won't be sorry. And just maybe it'll help your bedtime routine go quicker too.


Megan said...

Very cute! I love children's books! I will check it out! (By the way, I've missed you around here! *hugs*)

Mama M. said...

Russell is wearing the very hat I am looking for for a photo prop!! ;)

I'm starting a list! I know I'll never keep these all in my head!