Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thunder Jam

Ever since our trip back home to Jersey in May (I'll get to bloggin' about that trip soon!), both my husband and my son have been on a drag racing kick. So we headed west to State Capital Raceway for an evening of fun!

Mason posed for some pictures in the pits.

Wore cute headphone things to protect his ears!

Though of Uncle Buddy and Grampy seeing cars like this one.

Sat with Daddy.

Drove his car between races.

Posed a bit more..

Had a snack or two...

Met some cool peeps.

Were on the SPEED Channel.

Cheered on the fast cars!

Learned what track smells like

A girl was the driver of this dragster... awesome.

It was ridiculously loud, really hot, and...

An exhaustively wonderful day!

Here is a video I attempted to take at the track, but it was SO loud, I dropped the camera to cover my ears.

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{Kimber} said...

looks like loads of fun!!