Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mississippi Gulf Coast

I'm a Jersey Girl, and a true Jersey Girls L O V E S the beach! Or said in true Jersey fashion, we love going down the shore. I went down the shore every single summer for two week with my family when we lived in New Jersey. Since moving down the bayou in '07 the only sand my feet have touched is sandbox sand and the sand they use to keep the houses from sinking down here! Yeah you heard me right, we sink constantly! So we decided to take our boy to the see some beach since he has been asking for a year, and sadly with the oil spill, we don't know when the beach will be enjoyable again.

Here is a few shots from our day in the sun. I wont mention that this trip was nearly a month ago and I am still peeling, because I definitely was not that pale when we arrived.

Beach Babe

Looking little in the big Gulf of Mexico


Trying to keep the oil away from the shores...

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{Kimber} said...

which beach was this?
I am so sad about the oil spill :(
Mason looks like he is had a ball!!