Monday, December 7, 2009

5 Laps You Rather Sit on then Santa's

Stolen from my girlfraaaand Kimber

1. My Husband's! (It would just be wrong if I didn't include him!)

2. Nick Carter- Yes, I am aware I'm in my late twenties and he is a Backstreet Boy

3.Edward- And I mean the vampire, not the actor.
edward cullen Pictures, Images and Photos

4. Kris Allen - Mmmm.

5. Cliff Lee - A pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies and one fine piece of a..

Cliff Lee Pictures, Images and Photos


{Kimber} said...

ummmmmmmmmm yeah!!! to all of these :)
even the backstreet boy!

Megan said...

I'd definatly stand in line with you for Edward. {Who wouldn't} If your gonna sit on a old man's lap why not one that doesn't look his age right? And kudos on the Pitcher choice... Mmmmmm hmmmmmm!! ;) Haha!