Thursday, October 1, 2009

Busy Bees...

That is what we are in my household! Between everyday things like work to more special things like my parents coming to visit in about a week!, and lots of going on's at our church, the days seem to just FLY by! And not to mention, our computer at home is completely shot, so with a new baby at work and no computer at home, I am finding it hard to find time to blog. We should be getting a new computer this weekend though, so hopefully I'll be back to more regular blogging soon, maybe not in full effect until after my week off and my parents visit!

Though I'm still reading most of the blogs I read, I am not finding the time to comment or post on my own.

Things with us are good! No more stress producing "family" members breathing down my neck, less financial stress, a week off is around the corner and my parents are coming back down! Looking forward to Halloween and my BIRTHDAY this month too! Along with many fun events and such through our church! AND our favorite baseball team clinched the NL EAST last night! Playoff baseball!!! Go Phillies! Very exciting for us, being 1300 miles away we dont usullay get to watch the games, but we will during the playoffs!

Busy as bees here in the still pretty darn hot deep south!

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