Sunday, September 6, 2009

Five Question Friday (on Sunday..Ive been sick..)

Courtesy of Mama M

1. The clothing outfit you remember from childhood and why? I remember alot. I have an uncanny long term memory of random things. I remember this horrible pale purple sweater with pandas on it, haha, thanks Mom!

2. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? I've always just wanted to be a mom and wife.

3. What is your must have for Fall? Hmm.. Phillies Hoodie.

4. If money were no object, how many kiddos would you really have? My husband wants 7.

5. The best part of your birthing story (other than the beautiful child at the end)?
I made it through 3 days of labor and 3 hours of pushing completely natural!


Melissa said...

7 kids?!? Holy moly! My 5 drive me insane at times. I love them to pieces, but still. Then there are times when they have friends over, and I'm thinking, Hey, what's 1 more? It's nuts around here! lol

{Kimber} said...

yep!! your hubs is NUTS!! SEVEN kids---that's cuz he doesn't have to birth them!
hope your feeling better

alilipski said...

panda sweater!!!!! haha
love 80's clothing! :)
i had a shirt with giant buttons sewn all over it!