Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday's Thirteen 'V'

Again, thank you Kimber for finding the blog of Izzy 'N Emmy

1.VALENTINE:: My son was born on Valentine's Day 2006. At 9:23pm to be exact.

2.VAMPIRES:: Not my usual thing, but I loved the Twilight Series.

3.VACATION:: My favorite word ever. Okay, maybe its a tie with the word .free.

4.VOODOO:; Well I do live in New Orleans. Here are some pictures of one of the touristy voodoo shops in the French Quarter.

5.VICARIOUS:: One of my favorite TOOL songs.

6.VALLEY:; I grew up in a neighborhood called Cherry Valley (on Cherry Tree Lane, in Cherry Hill.. lost of cherry named things, NO cherries.)

7.VRBO:: A cool website.

8.VEAL:; Something I will never eat. I saw a 20/20 special when I was a kid about the poor baby cows they get veal from. Horrible things they do to the cows. F*ck veal.

9.VENUS:: A planet and a razor for women.

10.VAN:: Not for me :o)

11.VOLUME:: The volume it reaches at work somedays is mind blowing. Two 3 year olds can sure make a whole lot of noise. Especially when there is a recorder involved.

12.VIOLENCE:: Never the answer...

13.VICTORY:: Who doesn't like to win? I LOVED then the Philadelphia Phillies got a victory and won the World Series!


{Kimber} said...

vampires will be my #1 :)

great job girlie!!!!!

Melissa said...

Great V's! Vacation *sigh* - hubs is off next week, but we're just hangin' at home. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! :)

{Kimber} said...

Something for you on my blog :)