Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday's Thirteen "S'

Bought to me by Kimber courtesy of Izzy 'N Emmy

1.SUNDAY:: My favorite day of the week. My husband is usually off from work. Church in the morning, followed by fellowship and coffee, library with my boys, and a good dinner. Sunday ♥

2.SOUTH:: I grew up in South Jersey, yes, its different from North Jersey, even if it is the same state, and now I live in the Deep South. Definitely different 'souths'.

3.SODA:: That's what I call it. Most people in my area now call it either a 'soft drink' or 'a coke' no matter the actual type. I've heard 'pop' as well. What do you call it??

4.SOUP:: I love soup. Especially good ol' Campbells, which was right next to the hospital I gave birth in. Literally, next door. I like tomato and split pea best, my husband likes vegetarian vegetable, and Mason is not a fan of soup at all, he is the pickiest eater. I like good homemade soups too.

5.SALT:: My husband prefers his food unsalted. I like salt.

6.SCOOBY DOO:: Mason is a fan.

7.SECRETS:: I don't have many about me, I'm pretty much an open book, like it or leave it. But everyone tells me their secrets, and I'll never tell.

8.SUMMER:: Use to be my favorite season, now its too dang hot living in the deep south. I prefer March. Best weather month in Louisiana.

9.SCALLOPS:: Delicious! Hell's Kitchen tonight has them on my mind.

10.SHOES:: I am not a shoe fanatic. I have probably 10 pairs of shoes and half are cheap old navy flip flops that I wear every single day.

11.SAMPLES:: I love free sample websites.


13.SLEEP:: I don't think I've felt genuinely well rested since my second trimester of my pregnancy, and my child is 3 1/2 now.. an I', not sure if I will ever really sleep well again. Remember those afternoon you stayed in bed til 1pm.. Mmmmm.


{Kimber} said...

great S's...
I call my SODA a matter what kind...
you forgot Southerner {WHAT YOU ARE NOW} hehe :)

Emily :) said...

Hmm, I call it a soda. A coke? really? I'd be like, no I wanted a root beer! lol.

So do you have a facebook?

Jenn said...

These are great. And SODA...well I call it coke. Any kind of coke: Dr.Pepper, Root Beer, Sprite, etc. It's all coke to me!!! And I'm with you on the sleep thing.

Melissa said...

Super S's..I call soda...POP..I guess I'm the oddball here..hehe..I'm in the same boat with the sleep. Maybe when Princess goes off to college, I'll sleep another 16 years...yikes!

Sundays sound perfect at your house! :)

Ace said...

Isn't "soda" a northern thing? Hubs lived in PA for a while growing up and says soda. I have some cousins in KY that call every drink pepsi (that might just be them though!) and I say pop.