Friday, August 28, 2009

Five Question Friday

Courtesy of Mama M

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1. What is your favorite Holiday and why? Its a tie between Halloween and Christmas. Halloween cause its the day after my birthday and free candy is AWESOME. And now I can dress my kid up and that's just fun. Christmas cause i like the whole holiday season. The music, decorations, cookies, and of course the joy on my child's face when he comes down stairs to see what Santa left.

2. Who has been the most influential person in your life? Hmm.. I know a lot of great people. All good parents. Being a parent is HARD.Really hard.

3.If you could give up one household chore forever, what would it be? Folding and putting away the laundry. How the heck to 3 people create so much laundry!?

4. What is the BEST practical joke you have ever been a part of, on the giving OR receiving end? Nothing good really. Just silly stuff one my brother when he was little.

5. Where (or how) did you meet your spouse? Originally when I was about 15, when a mutual friend asked us to meet him at Doug's house. Then about 2 years later we sporadically saw each other when he became roommates with a friend of mine. But we didn't become "official" til August of 2002 ♥

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Melissa said...

I'm soooooo with you on the laundry. I do laundry almost every friggin' day in this house. When will it ever end?!? lol