Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Totally Random Tuesday. oOoBinkey'soOO

Maybe you call them nuks, pacifiers, binks, or paci's in your house. In our house its a binkey.

Yes, I'm guilty. I am a binkey giving mommy. But currently I am a binkey taking away mommy. Mason has been on his final binkey for about 3 months. I told him when it was gone, I wasn't buying anymore. He likes to chew on them and they become, well disgusting. So last night the tip of the binkey finally broke off and the binkey went in the trash can. He was up til almost midnight last night, not fun.

Who knows if I will be strong and not buy another one. Last night he asked me if "santa will bring new binkeys?" How heartbreaking. I was a thumb sucker and shamefully til I was waaay too old to admit here, but I needed to be ready to give it up. I would have been so mad if someone took my thumb away. And like I was, Mason only uses his binkey when he is sleeping, or first waking up. It never leaves the house, unless we or he will be sleeping somewhere else.

Did you have binkey kids? How old where they when they gave it up? How'd you manage?!?


Alyson said...

Now I DO NOT like John and Kate plus 8, but they did a cool thing where they had their children "give" their binky's to other babies who needed them MORE than they did.....

You're on the right track with it.....It will get easier as time goes on :0).....Hopefully :0P.....You forgot to link up.....I almost did'nt see this post :0(

{Kimber} said...

my youngest sticks all four of her fingers {minus thumb} in her mouth...she has done it since she was tiny and she is almost 5 now, still does it--only when she is tired or sleeping...but like you said you can't take away fingers--hers though causes these gross wart things to come up on her lip sometimes that have to be frozen off--you talk about NOT fun!!!!! YIKES!!!!
I saw a mom at build a bear with her little girl that was putting the binky inside of the bear so the little girl could still "sleep" with it...it was a cute idea..not sure how well it worked though!? :)
stay strong!!
how is hubs job search? any luck?