Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday's Thirteen 'W'

Again, thank you Kimber for finding the blog of Izzy 'N Emmy

1.WATER:: I guess I have water on the brain because it has been a rainy few days in New Orleans. But still a HOT few days. You need to drink tons of water to stay hydrated in the deep south in the middle of summer.

2.WIKIPEDIA:: Thank God for that website!

3.WET:: Today I walked from my job to my house with both children, ya know my own and the one I watch.. I checked the weather radar before we left and figured we'd be fine.. We were not. We got SOAKED. Wow.. Kids LOVED it, I though it was unnecessary.

4.WEDDING:: Sunday is my 1 year wedding anniversary. 4 days after that we will have been together 7 years, so in a way. only celebrating 1 year married seems a bit funny to us.

5.WATERMELON:: Yummy summer treat! Seedless only please!
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6.WOMEN:: I am lucky to be surrounded by strong women in my life. from friends to family. I know some amazing ladies.

7.WAWA:: The best convenience store ever. They are only in a few states in the north east. They have THE BEST COFFEE EVER. Living in the south for 2 years now, I even miss their hoagies. I'm pretty sure Wawa means goose of something in a native american language.
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8.WORDS:: I am consistently telling Mason to "use your words" when he gets to upset and starts the mumbling crying thing.

9.WENDY'S:: When one of my best friends was pregnant, she craved Wendy's so much that the drive thru guy knew what we were going to order before we did and even told us one night that he had seen us driving like 5 towns over. *remember Michelle?

10.WAHOOS:: Indoor swimming when I was a child.

11.WHACKOS:: HA! Don't we all have some in our lives that we wish would go away?? I bet you do! Well do what I did (according to my sister in law) and grow some balls and put them in their place! It worked WONDERS and both sides of our families are THRILLED with the results. *Even if she tells me to "leave her alone" and she still reads my blog.. I LOVE my blog tracker that lets me know who is reading my blog*

12.WETLANDS:: The coastal and swampy regions of the area I live in are fading FAST. And with the wetlands going, it makes New Orleans and the lower lying areas much more vulnerable to sever hurricane damage. So SAVE OUR COAST!

13.WHALE WATCHING:: Something I've always wanted to do. Now if only I wasn't terrified of the ocean and boats..
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{Kimber} said...

You r good---the end letters are hard!
What is this blog tracker u speak of??