Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dear Louisiana,

I understand that the price of everything went up after Hurricane Katrina, but if you want to increase the cost of everything from rent to food to utilities, like that nice hurricane charge that appears monthly on my electric bill, well the pay scale needs to be raised as well. How on earth do you expect people to survive making $10-$12/hour or less????? You FORCE us to evacuate when a storm is coming and sit in traffics for hours on end and find a place to stay, while the hotels are jacking up their prices for rooms and everything within 500 miles is booked 5 minutes after evacuation talk, miss work which will equal no pay and when you are barely paying the bills and living off spaghetti o's and canned tuna because you only make $10/hour to begin with.

Well I think its bullshit. I think its unfair when people go to work everyday and put in a hard days work and are not compensated properly for it. I also think its bullshit , that every single honest person in the construction field is constantly getting out bid on jobs by illegals (don't jump down my throat, im all for immigrants being able to reach their 'American Dream', but they need to do it legally, for real) and shifty contractors who do a half ass job.

So change your ways Louisiana (ahem*BobbyJindal*ahem)or you will be losing 3 residents (and probably many, many more) to another state.


P.S. 8.75% sales tax SUCKS too.

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{Kimber} said...

PREACH IT!!!!!!!!!!!