Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Totally Random Tuesday's!

This fun new thing on Tuesday's was started by my (REAL LIFE!!)friend/blogging buddy, Alyson.. She says it best.. so I'm gonna copy and paste from her blog what its ALL about!
"Stolen" from www.wellensfamily.blogspot.com (make sure you head over there and check out her blog and her amazingly adorable boys!

POST A BLOG about ANY RaNdOm FACT about you, your family, your "crazy neighbor" (and I know we ALL have at least one of those) a joke, a video, a picture,............... ANYTHING RaNdOm!!!!

So here it goes!!!...

Today began with reading some blogs about a supposed hoax on another blog, where basically its being said this family who has had people praying for their little girl who was suppose to be born with some severe issues has actually made it all up. Now I don't know if this is true, but from the things Ive read and seen with my own eyes, it seems pretty fake. It would take me ALLLLL day to try and type what people are speculating and such.. so instead I will post a link to the website Ive read and give you my condensed version if you don't feel like reading other blogs.

April Rose was the daughter of "B" and "D" that's all the name we ever knew of them. Basically their little girl was suppose to be born with Trisomy 13 and Holoprosencephaly. According to her parents blog she was born AT HOME , with no doctors present ( a day or two ago...). She was supposedly about 4lbs and already "breastfeeding like a champ" They even posted pictures of their little girl.. which was when the "other shoe dropped." Thousands of people read this blog.. and some of the readers started to realize that the picture of April Rose looks IDENTICAL to these dolls www.bountifulbaby.com .. I think supposedly April is suppose to look just like a doll name "Avery"

I could go on with all the skepticism I have right now.. but this blogger laid it out the best for me... She has photos and everything... it opened my eyes.

and this morning the blog that was being written by B&D has vanished. SO have the blogs of their supposed friends who were also posting on their blogs about April Rose. So was it all a scam? Were they in this for the money? Are people really that cruel and dishonest in this world to make up something like that and take away possible donations and prayers from the people out their who really do need them?!?!?!??!

So while my out look on humans right now is kinda shitty, I had wanted to post a funny first Totally Random Tuesday's blog.. I just don't have it in me today. So it will be mostly about animals, because animals don't lie. They aren't deceitful. They love you, regardless.

So I will leave you with my most favoritest (yes, i said most favoritest) youtube video.. It makes me cry every time I watch it!!! (yes,I cried when I watched it before I posted it here...)

And one final note. Say a prayer for this family.. If it is a hoax/scam, well these people need prayers cause they are CRAZy, and if not, well there is a baby girl out there who needs those prayers.


Alyson said...

I loved your post!! I was just going to comment you about that mistyrice blog!! :0)

You opened my eyes up to the hoax.....Ugh.....I am so annoyed with the whole thing....SAD!!!

Now you have to link your blog to mine so everyone on my blog can seeit :0)

Alyson said...

I can link it for you, if you want me too!!!

p.s. I love the video!!!! You have showed that before and everytime I see it it brings a tear to my eye!!!! Well more like a WATERFALL!!! :0)

Alyson said...

http://gibsontwins.blogspot.com/ - MORE SCAM STUFF.....WHOA!!!

Anonymous said...

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