Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When I grow up I want to be ...... AMISH!!!!

No, really I do. For the past handful of years I have become slightly obsessed with The Amish, specifically the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish.

My husband knows all too well my dream of one day living amongst the Amish in Lancaster, PA (actually probably more like a small town, like Bird-In-Hand.) I want to live on a HUGE Amish farm and have cows and chickens (for milk & eggs only, I get too attached to feed and care for animals daily, to then serve them to my family at dinner.) I want to run barefoot outside all day and watch my children or grandchildren play with our Amish neighbors. I want to sit around an old cook stove and listen to Amish women tell stories. I want to learn how to make those gorgeous Amish Quilts. I want to learn how to garden and cook better. I want to learn to speak Pennsylvania Dutch. I want to be surrounded by the fellowship the Amish community is known for.

BUT I honestly know I could never give up electricity and wearing pants and so many more things that the Amish give up (or never have used) to remain not part of this world we live in and helps keep them in their own world. And you really cant just become Amish, anyways. But I want to be accepted by the Amish, I want to be neighbors and friends.

Does that sound completely ridiculous? Don't most people plan on heading somewhere warm once retirement come? I figure with these Louisiana "seasons" I'll be LONG done the heat and humidity by then.

But look how peaceful it looks.

Wouldn't it be awesome to not be stressed about bills, jobs, money, government, etc?

For those of you not that familiar with The Amish, here is a list of some of my favorite books, you should check your local library for them!

Non-Fiction: Plain Secrets: An Outsider Among the Amish by Joe Mackall
Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy by Donald B. Kraybill

Fiction: ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING by Beverly Lewis (she is my favorite Amish Fiction writer. I've read every single book she has written about the Amish). Another great Amish Fiction author Wanda Brunstetter.

(and soooo many more! leave a comment if you want to know more great Amish reads!)

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